X Grille | Due for release 2019

The X Grille, designed by AX4 Engineered and powered by Lightforce, is an OEM style product created for the addition of LED driving lights for Ford Ranger PX MkII.

The X Grille is a seamlessly integrated replacement to the radiator grille. It is the most advanced innovation in driving lights; without the need of bull bars, nudge bars or other bulky supports. The X Grille allows you to maintain the original design aesthetic of the vehicle and offers high-performance illumination for all night driving needs.

The X Grille can be easily installed on the bestselling Ford Ranger PX2 MkII. The kit will be available in 2019, with further options being developed to fit the new Ford Ranger PX MkIII and Toyota Hilux due for release later in the year. A wiring harness, switch and connectors are included with the X Grille. The installation process is seamless by a professional and will take under 2 hours for an innovative, powerful and sleek addition to your vehicle.

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