Snatch Strap

The AX4 Engineered Snatch Strap is essential while driving off-road. Snatch Straps are the best equipment to guarantee freedom when bogged by sand or mud and are a must have when travelling with other 4x4s. By simply attaching the straps to each vehicle, these Snatch Straps allow for a smooth recovery. The AX4 Engineered range includes two variations to suit your needs, 8,000 kg and 11,000 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • 8,000 kg, 75 mm x 9 m
  • 11,000 kg, 100 mm x 9 m
  • Double stitched webbing
  • Double hoop design
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Ballistic nylon reinforced ends
  • UV resistant
  • High temperature rating of 177°C