Privacy Policy


(March 2019 Edition)

Issued by Axiom Manufacturing Pty. Ltd.t/as AX4 Engineered ABN 62 633 806 425 (AX4)

  1. About this Policy

This is the Policy the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles require of AX4 in relation to Personal Information of individuals with whom AX4 has commercial dealings.

This Policy concerns how AX4 may collect, store, use and disclose such Personal Information.

At any time AX4 may modify, add to or replace this Policy where the change is uploaded to AX4’s website at least 7 days before it takes effect.

The current version of this Policy is available from AX4 on request.

  1. Dictionary

In this Policy:

Personal Information means in relation to an individual any information about his or her:

name, date of birth;

ethnicity, race;

place of residence or business;

phone number, email address;

income and assets as provided in support of an application made by them or a third party to AX4for right to obtain goods or services on credit terms;

bank and credit / debit card details;

other information that is ‘personal information’ under Australian Privacy Principles.

  1. Collection and use of Personal Information

AX4 will only collect Personal Information of individuals with whom AX4 has commercial dealingsas relates to any of the following:

assessing eligibility to be granted a right to obtain goods or services on credit terms;

the making, performance or enforcement of a contract for AX4 to supply, or be supplied, and goods or services;

managing AX4’s business;

any purpose required or authorised by law.

AX4 may seek and disclose Personal Information from and to any of the following:

an individual with whom AX4 has commercial dealings;

a person authorised by an above person, such as an accountant, auditor, legal or business adviser;

persons to whom AX4 may contract out some business functions and activities, such as book-keeping, data storage;

a person at the time responsible to AX4 for day-to-day management of its business;

any person who comes to own AX4’s business in succession to AX4;

its insurers insofar as relates to risk of loss or damage;

credit-reporting agencies;

a Tribunal or a Court;

any person, body or agency (such as a Government Department) where required or allowed by law.

AX4 does not disclose Personal Information to any overseas person or organisation.

If Personal Information is not provided to AX4, it may adversely affect its capacity to assess eligibility for a customer to be granted right to obtain goods or services on credit terms, or to supply goods or services to such customer.

  1. Security and management of Personal Information

AX4 will take reasonable steps to ensure:

the Personal Information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up-to-date; and

the Personal Information it holds is protected from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

  1. Destruction of Personal Information

AX4 will destroy or de-identify any Personal Information no longer required by AX4.

  1. Access and correction of Personal Information

Under the Privacy Act 1988, a person has right to request AX4to provide the person access to his or her Personal Information, and if any of that information is incorrect the person can request AX4 change it.

Contact details are on AX4’s website

There is no fee for accessing or correcting Personal Information.

  1. Complaints

If a person believes AX4has not complied with the Privacy Act 1988 or the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to the person, the person can make a complaint by contacting AX4’s Privacy Officer on (61 + 8)7120 6496.

AX4 is not a member of an external dispute resolution scheme.  If a person is not satisfied with AX4’s handling of his or her complaint, the person may refer the complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner at  The Australian Privacy Principles can also be downloaded from the Commissioner’s website.